How Many Vape Flavors Are There?

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What flavors do e-cigarettes come in? People generally have high requirements for e-cigarettes, and whether e-cigarettes are good or not is determined by e-liquid. If the taste of e-liquid is not good, even if the e-cigarette is set with gold and diamonds, it is just a toy, so e-liquid is the core of e-cigarette.

What flavors do e-cigarettes come in? strawberry

Strawberry True to its name, this flavor has a natural, slightly sweet strawberry flavor. Smooth and slightly creamy, it’s one of the most popular flavors in the DIY world. This sweetener works well with almost all flavors, especially with cream, custard, and other strawberry flavors.

What flavors do e-cigarettes come in? Strawberry Cereal

Strawberry Oatmeal, which became popular in late 2014, is still going strong. This flavor combines many grain flavors. Pairs well with meringues and other grain flavors.

What flavors do e-cigarettes come in? Banana Cream

Banana Cream Some say it has a natural banana flavor, some say it has a banana sugar flavor, but all agree that it has a banana flavor. It goes well with berry and creamy flavors. It’s best to use it on its own first, to gauge your tolerance for its particular banana flavor, recommended.

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What flavors do e-cigarettes come in? Boysenberry

Boysenberry has a sweet, juicy berry flavor with a hint of acidity. Pairs well with other berry flavors, cream, bakery and peanut butter flavors. Greatly enhances the taste of berry cereals.

What flavors do e-cigarettes come in? Capella Vanilla Custard

Capella Vanilla Custard Capella Custard is subdued, aromatic and creamy vanilla. Best to soak for a week or two. The taste may also be slightly spicy. Blends well with most fruit flavors.

What flavors do e-cigarettes come in? What are the common smoke oil flavors?

There are generally four flavors of electronic cigarette oil: tobacco flavor, fruit flavor, herbal flavor, and beverage flavor.

Tobacco flavors are generally imitated by existing cigarettes, such as Zhonghua, Yuxi, Marlboro and other traditional cigarette flavors.

There are many fruit flavors, generally common fruits, such as apple, mango, orange, lemon, strawberry, watermelon and so on. As long as the fruit exists, it can generally be imitated.

Herbal flavors are flavors that imitate herbaceous plants, such as mint, vanilla, licorice, etc.

Beverage flavors imitate the flavors of various beverages, such as cola.

What flavors do e-cigarettes come in? What flavor of e-liquid is the most popular?

The flavors of e-liquids that domestic consumers choose are mainly tobacco flavors, which shows that the characteristics of the domestic market are different from those of foreign markets. Secondly, there are many fruit flavors, and consumers also like the choice of various flavors of e-liquid.

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