How Many Puffs in an Electronic Cigarette?

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Are you wondering what is your optimal consumption by switching to the electronic cigarette? The Nicotech team brings you all the answers on the number of puffs included in an e-cigarette.

Electronic cigarette: number of puffs

When using an electronic cigarette, the number of puffs is difficult to determine and compare to those of a conventional cigarette.

Indeed, several parameters are taken into account in this calculation. In this article, we will discuss the different elements that will influence your consumption and thus the number of puffs you will need to be satisfied. The choice of liquid for your electronic cigarette will have an impact, mainly related to the dosage of nicotine chosen (but also related to its composition).

The higher the nicotine level, the more the number of puffs needed to be “satiated” will decrease, and vice versa. Your way of vaping (frequency, direct/indirect inhaling) and the associated equipment will also have a significant impact on the number of puffs you will take to obtain the desired nicotine intake.

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The influence of e-liquid in the number of puffs

Indeed, the nicotine level must be taken into account. The choice of the latter is very important, because it will have to be adapted to your consumption habits. The more adapted it is, the less you will need to use to be fulfilled. Thus, if you choose to take an e-liquid dosed in 6mg, while a professional advises you to use an e-liquid in 11mg or more, it is obvious that you will need a greater number of puffs to be satiated with nicotine. You will thus consume more e-liquid, which is not in your interest.

The e-liquid chosen will have a significant impact on the number of puffs you will take using your electronic cigarette.

The composition of the e-liquid chosen is also important. Indeed, if you use a fluid e-liquid, you will be more concerned with an indirect inhalation. Nicotine will therefore take longer to reach your body, so you may need more puffs to be satisfied. Conversely, if you use a more viscous e-liquid (with a higher level of vegetable glycerin), you will favor direct inhalation, associated with denser puffs. The number of puffs required to be filled may therefore be less than with a more fluid e-liquid.

After the statement of these different parameters, you will understand that it is therefore very difficult to precisely determine an equivalence of the number of puffs inhaled with a conventional cigarette and with an electronic cigarette. It will therefore also be difficult to issue a reliable equivalence between the consumption of a pack of cigarettes and that of a 10 ml bottle of e-liquid.The influence of e-liquid in the number of puffs
The e-liquid chosen will have a significant impact on the number of puffs you will take using your electronic cigarette.

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The influence of the material in the number of puffs

The e-liquid has a primary influence in the number of puffs required, but the importance of the material used should not be overlooked, which will also have a direct impact on the data that will result from it.

If you use a powerful material, with an air draw, your puffs will be much more important than if you use a less powerful material or associated with a tight draw. Indirect inhalation tanks release less vapor than direct inhalation tanks. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, this will have an impact on the quantity of e-liquid consumed, and therefore on the number of puffs necessary to reach your satisfaction in terms of nicotine intake.

Highlighting these elements leads us to look at the impact of the value of the resistance used. Indeed, the lower the value of the resistance, the more it will heat up, and require to be supplied with e-liquid. Each draw will produce denser vapour. The puffs will be more intense, and often longer, which means they will be fewer. Conversely, if you use a resistance with a strong value, your draw will be tighter. Your puffs will therefore be shorter, and the vapor less dense. This may cause you to take more puffs than with an overhead draw.

From the value of your resistance will result settings in terms of power on your battery. The lower the value of your resistance, the more it will ask your battery to send power. Thus, we can make the link between the power of the material used and the number of associated puffs. The more powerful hardware you use, the less puffs you will need to get satisfied.

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The difference with a classic cigarette

With a conventional cigarette, it is estimated that a smoker will inhale about 15 puffs. Regarding the electronic cigarette, it is very difficult to make a reliable comparison in terms of number of puffs. Indeed, in the case of the electronic cigarette, many variables come into play. These variables have a direct influence on the nicotine provided by each inhaled puff.

When a person makes the decision to quit smoking through the electronic cigarette, they will have to choose an e-liquid, associated with a nicotine level. It is in particular this nicotine level that will have a significant impact on the number of puffs necessary to satisfy needs equivalent to those met by a traditional cigarette. As mentioned before, if you choose a nicotine level high enough and suitable for your usual consumption, you will be satisfied fairly quickly. On the contrary, if you choose an e-liquid whose nicotine level is lower than that which would be adapted to your situation, you risk having to take a greater number of puffs before reaching your optimal nicotine intake, and so on. consume your e-liquid faster.

It should also be noted that in the early stages, it is normal for you to feel like you are vaping more than you are smoking. Indeed, the nicotine absorbed by a conventional cigarette takes between 5 and 7 minutes to diffuse into the body, while it will take between 30 and 35 minutes with an electronic cigarette. The action is delayed, it will act later, but will also end later. Over time, you will get used to this new mode of consumption, and you will manage to stabilize yourself and reach a regular number of puffs to reach your optimal nicotine intake.

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How many puffs in an electronic cigarette?

To date, it remains very difficult to accurately determine the number of puffs a vaper will take each day or to compare this data with that of a conventional cigarette. However, we found one fact that allows us to make a real comparison between the puffs of a cigarette and the puffs in an electronic cigarette: the duration. Indeed, on a classic cigarette, the puff will last on average 2 seconds, against 5 to 7 seconds on an electronic cigarette.

Despite the lack of additional information on this subject, thanks to the professional experiences gathered within our teams and from our loyal customers, we have managed to establish an approximate informative list of what a vaper will consume in e-liquid, related to his consumption of traditional cigarettes.

Attention, once again, it is important to specify that these data are not fixed, they can vary according to many criteria, such as the nicotine level of the e-liquid, the material used, the mode of vaping, etc.

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